The best part of my day is usually when I come home worn-out from the hospital shifts, either after completing the paper work or after executing all the above order from the senior residents, almost like a zombie trying to maintain a steady gait at the entrance when in a jiffy, my 4 little brats come running all over me performing their customary exultation of sniffs, licks , wags and wiggles. It is absolutely correct when we hear ‘heaven is the place where all the dogs you’ve ever loved come to greet you’.

Right when I was yearning for that incredible feeling, while on the streets of Shimla, eating chole-kulchas and buying warn mufflers for my dad, my eyes fell on this overly exuberant varmint, wagging his tail, trying to jump up and catch the neighbouring little girl’s chocolate ice cream cone. That dog was very energetic, launching himself at everybody coming his way. I couldn’t help but walk towards him instinctively and lift him in my arms. His black and red checkered jacket reminded me of my preschool uniform.

He was being walked by two school going teenage girls. After having a small ritualized conversation of exchanging names and where we came from, they narrated me the story of how they found him on that same street that we met a few months ago when he was just 3 months old, roaming aimlessly in search of food.

It was so beautiful to see the love they had for him, being reflected in the way the feeling of worry etched on their face every time some motor cycle passed near him.

I felt so proud of what they did for little JESTER and I thought to myself it would be so noble if we could provide life to such helpless innocent creatures. Not only would they get a shelter for themselves, but they would come as a living angel in our lives.

They are always there for you, independent of your mood. The only purpose of their life becomes to make you happy. Their unconditional love is far beyond what one can demand.

For those who don’t have a dog or are unfortunate to not have experience human parenthood, I highly recommend them to adopt a dog. There is certainly nothing that can make your life more happier.